Thank you for taking the first step to contributing your family’s history to our national segregation stories archive.

As part of the first generation to own smartphones, we are also the first generation capable of capturing a record number of firsthand accounts of this chapter of Black American history.

To help make your recording process easier, we have developed a list of questions designed to help you capture intimate, important details about your family’s experiences under U.S. segregation laws.

You may download our COMPLETE INTERVIEW GUIDE for a comprehensive conversation, or you may opt for our QUICK INTERVIEW GUIDE if you are short on time or recording multiple interviews in a single setting. Both guides are designed to be mobile friendly so you can easily read the questions from your phone or tablet. You may also choose to forgo our questions completely, and develop and ask your own.

For additional help, also view our RECORDING TIPS for suggestions on capturing the best quality video for the archive. Remember, these testimonials are being preserved for future members of your family and others for generations to come.

Once you have completed your recording(s), please visit our VIDEO UPLOAD PORTAL page for details on how to submit your family’s story into the national library.